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Our experience and solutions of our partners permit to be confident in correct choice. We specialize in the drop shipment of metalcutting and measuring tools from leading manufacturers of Europe and Asia. Long successful collaboration with our partners and grateful clients confirm high index of performance.

We trust our partners, proposing full specter of tools - Leading companies of Belarus work with us, trusting our experience.

AMK TOOLPROM GROUP is proud to be the official representative of German HAHN+KOLB Company in Belarus.


This section has wide spectrum of high-quality cutting tools from HAHN+KOLB and DEREK Companies. Their selection easily satisfies all consumers. Professionals have a great choice of:

- twist drills, monolithic and carbide (VHM PC and HSS/HSSE) drills for high-strength material;

- core drill for processing long chips or short chips materials;

- carbide inserts;

- spotfacers with morse taper and unregulated pilot;

- burr-grinders for whisker removal from internal and external sides for one operation;

- carbide and high-speed reamer for ferrous, non-ferrous metal processing and also synthetic material processing;

- angle-mill heads and mandrels for cutting processing;

- precision boring systems allow to combine tools for improvable processing;

- high-speed taps for blind and thought holes;

- chipless taps (burnisher) – hole was processed by means plastic strain;

- monolithic mills for threading and countersinking;

- threading dies for fine thread, coarse thread;

- tap extenders, allowing economize on buying of universal taps for deep hole threading;

- toolholders of threading dies for lathes; 

- toolholders for disc and cuttoff mills;

- fine-toothed and coarse-toothed disc mills;

- high-quality blades of saws;

- carbide inserts for high-production face mills and milling heads by roughing or finishing;

- grooving, cutoff, boring or threading  turning tools, threading can be internal or external as you need;

- toolholders of turning tools;

- carbide sintered bars with account of a machining allowance etc.

 Always we are glad to help you make a right choice and propose all of our range of machining tool and equipment. 


Adapter and extension sleeves, ejector and taper mandrels, drill chucks, threading and compensating holders, threading heads, tool fixing equipment, holding devices, tongs, 3D testing apparatus with changeable feelers, edge indicators, regulated and measured devices, centers of rotation, SK 40, SK50, SK45 and etc. clamping mandrels, turning chucks,  turning tool holders, magnetic carriers, vacuum chucks, vacuum clamping devices, indexing head, slide rails, quick-lock devices, mechanical clamping, fixture element, clipping systems, machine, precise, hydraulic vise and any equipment custom-built from best producers. 


Measurement instruments and control devices intended for determination of pieces workability (precision of set-up parameters). Quality parameters play important significance in production. We offer a great range of measurement instruments and control devices, which allow being confident of quality your products. This section includes different devices of HAHN–KOLB (Germany) catalogue, corresponding all your requirements. Our specialists help to decide any measurement tasks.


Paint-spraying, accessories for workshop, manipulators, marking devices, burr-grinder, belt grinder, milling and turning machines, radial saw machines, bandsaw machines, grinding machines, roll-bending machines, sheet-bending, flanging, roll, sheet scissors, presses, washing machines, hardening furnaces, tempering furnaces etc.  


Toolboxes with or without tools, sorting boxes and bags, racks, instrument bags, rack cabinets, which have drawers for outdoor storage, storage containers, workbenches, work tables, work swivel chairs, erection trolleys and portable benches, step-ladders, jacks, load trolleys, wardrobes, stands for storage and transport tools, tool cabinets etc. We make furniture according to project requirements.

High-quality furniture guarantee our partner HAHN+KOLB

   ABRASIVE, grinding and chemistry of HAHN+KOLB

 Needles and files, stripping and grinding wheels, flap wheels, Bor-cutters, wire brushes, grinding and polishing brushes, polishing wheels on the basis of fiber, grinding wheels with Velcro, tape Coated Abrasives and Grinding, grinding wheels ...