Our experience plus solutions of our partners are your confidence that any difficult task will perform at top level. We specialize in the drop shipment of standardized tools from leading producers of Europe and Asia.

We are official representative of the following brands in the territory of Belarus:












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Derek is Asiatic producer of the subsidiary and cutting tools: drills with lubricant-cooling supply and mechanical fastening of inserts which can be equipped by Derek inserts or any other inserts like Mitsubishi, Korloy, Sandvik...The DEREK product, based on Swedish Instrumental technology, is high quality tools at a tempting price, which any client's taste.

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        Derek products are certified according to SGS system and also the products passed certification EAS for countries of the Custom Union.

       Cutting tools and equipment of Derek are export to more than 30 countries worldwide, including Germany, Spain, Russia, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Korea, Canada, America, Mexico, Brasilia, Argentina, South Africa and Belarus.     






HAHN+KOLB Company is recognized producer and supplier of high-class tools, beginning drills and finishing CNC machines.

Existence of huge storehouse with popular positions of tools and equipment guarantees operative shipments. Even if you need a special tool, we can help and produce it according to your characteristics.

The Company was founded in 1898. After HAHN+KOLB had produced machine tools and equipment until 1993, they were anew born and became to develop as multi-instrumental brand and complex supplier.

HAHN+KOLB base is annual catalog about all types and directions of tools and equipment, published in edition of one hundred thousand copies and translated into many languages (English, German, French, Italian, Polish, Spanish, Czech, Hungarian, Russian and Chinese). Size of catalogue is more than 1400 pages, which growing up constantly. The Company became famous due to high demands to quality of product, service and logistics.

All HAHN+KOLB products are certificated according to DIN EN ISO 9001. In addition, product passed corresponding tests for confirmation of high-quality characteristics. HAHN+KOLB Company has become the first producer of tools, who passed audit according to VDA 6.2 requests.

Now the subsidiary companies of HAHN+KOLB are acting successfully in France, Russia, China, Poland, Hungary, Serbia and Austria. The Company has been expanding and picking up new territories. Availability of established contact combination with producers allows to see yourself as the first cutting tools supplier of Europe.

HAHN+KOLB tools do not represent only own patented brand of HAHN+KOLB, but also ATORN, ORION and ERGOTOP brands and leading worldwide producers.


Premium-class ATORN brand corresponds the highest requests of clients. ATORN instrumental program is not includes at the vast masses because it is professional instrument which correspond the most demanding clients.

Professional consumer will find all he needs among more than 10 000 articles (cutting tools, measurement devices, hand tools, workpiece fixtures etc.).


Products of ORION brand are produced by our standards. ORION product embraced about 7 000 tools for metal processing, clamping devices, testers, caddies, cleaners etc.


ORION brand is guaranteed:

-       high quality

-       functionality and operational reliability

-       optimal ratio of price and quality

-       disponibility at the German warehouse

-       large option




EROGLU brand is the best ratio of price-quality among auxiliary instruments.

Today it is a great produced concern, including 5 Companies, and almost 40 years of experience. EROGLU is production of heads, clamping devices according to ISO / SK / HSK / VDI, tool holders for turning, milling, drilling machines. Wide range of instrumental accessories, turning chucks, special and standard instrument and etc. New produced and logistic corpus of Eroglu Präzisionwerkzeug-fertigungs GmbH was opened 2007 in Germany near Shtugart for operational realization of orders worldwide.







Success story of HAIMER is very simple and understandable. Once upon a time Mister HAIMER faced the challenge of tool choice for production of complicated detail. He could not find appropriate mandrel. Mister HAIMER decided produced this mandrel on own production. So it was start prerequisite for HAIMER origination.

Nowadays HAIMER is a world leader on mechanical engineering equipment. The motto of this German brand is «Quality wins». I visited HAIMER production and I can tell at once that quality control is indispensable procedure on each level of production and shipping.

You can find Asiatic analogs, which are similar to HAIMER on the surface, but quality level cannot compare with HAIMER. Niggard man pays twice, but certainly, the choice is yours.

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Nowadays when quality control of producer product became so important, Trimos Company and their agent of AMK TOOLPROM GROUP represent wide measuring equipment selection for solutions of any difficult measuring task. Each equipment is appropriate for different measurement and conform to worldwide standards. Trimos equipment combines highest precision, modern technology, ergonomic design and usability.

Beginning with 1972, Trimos Company is leader in the field of exacting measurement and guarantees swish level of quality and reliability. Clients of Trimos are large in number and growing up every passing year. Many customers have already made choice in favor of Trimos equipment.

The underlying elements of Trimos Company:

  • Equipment
  • Wide choice of
  • Software and drivers accessories
  • High level of qualification

 AMK TOOLPROM GROUP is exclusive distributor of Trimos on the territory of Republic of Belarus. Our Company represents full specter equipment and service, related to picking up, complectation, shipment, arrangement, teaching of customer’s specialists and backup service.

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Specialists of AMK TOOLPROM GROUP Company pass teaching in the Trimos factory regularly. They increase competence level in order to correspond to high service standard. Swiss quality always regard as one of the best. We can help to solve any measuring task by solutions of our partners.

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