Upon our arrival to one of the  enterprises  which uses the machines with CNC up to 15 000 rpm ( 2 years since launching)  and which  ordered  several   super precision micron three-point  calipers for QCD, which is the reason to establish closer contacts) we couldn’t  but offer the production of our partner  - HAIMER company. Close control equipment needs relevant tools, which will maintain or even boost the quality level of production.

 We couldn’t be more wrong.

 After looking through the catalogues, handouts and watching the presentation of our tools we received a double indignation from both the technologist’s and the miller’s sides. The dialogue looked approximately as follows:

 -  Why should we pay extra money for the expensive German mandrel, when we can buy the Chinese one twice cheaper?

 -  And what about  runout or tool consumption? – we asked.

 -  We’ve got numerous boxes of milling tools from Tomsk Works. Although, basically, only large diameter milling tools are left. We write programs especially for the milling tools in stock. That’s the way we work, we take orders primarily on large details…

amktoolpromgroup frez

At this moment part cutting with the milling tool 20 mm in diameter was in progress. It was evident that the  milling arbor didn’t match  the main spindle as there was a distinctive sound peculiar to load impact.

 -  What’s wrong with runout? No big deal, just 10 times bigger. We have these tools in spades in our storerooms.

 -  And do you have the device for  adjusting outside the machine – we wondered.

 -  No, if we don’t fit the size, we take a new tool.

 So we couldn’t reach out to them at the first try, because the miller was actually right  about the level of prices.

 Below you can find an extract from our presentation.

 According to German  engineering specialists,  on every 10 micron of runout  there is a 50 % increase in tool deterioration!

 Standard HAIMER arbors have the runout up to 2 micron.

 Arbors with thermic clamping – about 0.02 micron.


 If You don’t care about the accuracy of the tool manufacturing, use obsolete equipment, tool durability is not important for You  and Your equipment will soon be sold for scrap, HAIMER production is definitely not for You.

 P.S.:   A month since our visit

  the machine spindle block broke down and needed the change of bearings. The case didn’t fall under the guarantee, despite the novelty of the new equipment.